Thursday, January 18, 2018

How to House the Homeless and Low Income Worker

The bottom line is that when it comes to the homeless, I am at my best, by far, as a "hands on" volunteer. Not a politician, or a policy wonk, or anything like that. However, I read about solutions to homelessness and how to provide low cost housing for low income workers in large volumes.

This page is dedicated to links to California projects to achieve these objectives that have (or are) being implemented, and could be undertaken with success here on the Central Coast, should there be the political will to do so.

Are they "perfect" solutions? No. Do "perfect" solutions exist? No. So what are these? Solutions that are working, and create housing for the homeless, and affordable housing for the low wage worker. Happy reading.

When the links may "disappear" over time, I have copied the article (in part) so that you will have some idea of its contents. Happy reading!

2018.01: Trailers for the Homeless in Downtown Los Angeles Lot
Los Angeles city leaders are planning to house dozens of homeless people in trailers on a city-owned downtown lot as a possible model for citywide temporary shelters.

Above: Large dog guarding a homeless camp in San Luis Obispo.

Monday, October 2, 2017

SAN LUIS OBISPO: How Can We Be So Cruel?


SAN LUIS OBISPO: I know this 74 year old homeless woman from volunteering at the homeless shelter. I recently saw her on the street, where I stopped to talk to her. She told me she had recently gotten kicked out of the Maxine Lewis Memorial (homeless) shelter in SLO. She didn't know why they kicked her out.
Above: 74 year old mentally ill women put out on the street. Sleeps in Train Station upright in a chair for 3 nights in a row. Falls asleep one night, and falls on her face, badly cutting her nose. Yes, we all threw her out on the street. Shame.
I dropped everything so I could help her. I brought her to my house, and I spent a few hours calling all the shelters I knew of in SLO county - they were all full, or said they would not take her. (Shame on these shelters for turning her away too - certainly, exceptions can be made for a kind elderly woman living on the street? Yes, I know, I'm naive — but at least I'm not heartless).
The previous few nights away from the shelter, she spent the night in the SLO bus or railroad station (she wasn't clear which one). She stayed at the station because it is too dangerous for her to stay in the unregulated homeless camps in SLO (I agreed with that decision).
While sleeping in a chair at the station, she fell forward and hit her nose on the floor, which is where she got that cut on her face the day before (see PHOTO).
After many hours and many phone calls, she was able to get back into the CAPSLO shelter that night. IMHO, its NEVER right to kick a 74 year old woman out of a homeless shelter, except in the most extreme situations. I was able to find out why she was not able to continue to stay at the shelter; IMO, the reason they gave was not justifiable.
WE MUST DO BETTER PEOPLE. I've known this woman for years - she is sweet and kind and never a bother to anyone. To kick her out onto the street is plain disgraceful. 
We must demand more and better from ourselves, our leaders, and our society.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

SAN LUIS OBISPO: Showers of Hope at UCC 9/9/2017

Saturday 9/9/2017 Showers of Hope Report: We operated our Hope's Village of SLO - Showers of Hope - Mobile Shower Trailer at United Church of Christ parking lot at 11245 Los Osos Valley Road in SLO. We had another relatively low turnout, but right now, its quality, not quantity. We have provided a high degree of services, allowing folks to get clean and walk away with food and wearing clean clothes. Thanks to our crew: Carley, David, Marcy, Becky and Barbara.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Just for Fun! Chicago

Went to see Chicago at Vina Robles in Paso last night. Yes, they were that good. No, I have no excuse for not going to see them sooner. They were one of my favorite bands in High School during the 1970's. Sadly, I'll be missing my 40th high school reunion on 9/16 because Sue is having back surgery on 9/15. Oh well, that's life.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

EDITORIAL: The Destruction of American History...Are there any Lines Left to Draw?

UPDATE 9/14/2017: The "Destroy American History" movement continues unabated. As I originally predicted in this article, it would not be long before the venerated Fr. Junipero Serra of Alta California colonial history would be the next to be destroyed. See the section in this article below titled "Spanish Colonial Era Worship Must End".  For more information on Mission San Luis Obispo, reference this article. On La Purisima Concepcion, reference this article. 

On September 12, 2017, the familiar statue of Saint Serra which appears at most of the 21 California missions has been decapitated and defaced with red paint, and sadly covered over with a black burka sack. You can read about the article in the SLO Tribune by clicking here. Most historical statues scattered around America have gone largely unnoticed by the public, until this criminal movement to destroy them got started. I hope that others love history as I do, whether deemed "good" or "bad", and want images of our past preserved. Otherwise, how are we different from the Taliban and ISIS, who destroyed ancient and amazing works of historical art during their brutal occupations, never to be seen again by the world? Those in the "destruction" business would not appear to have a moral compass to consult. Sad indeed.
Above: Putting in a new adobe floor at La Purisima in the "Master Weavers Quarters". What an honor for me to touch California history.

Friday, August 4, 2017

CALIFORNIA: La Purisima "Blue Wilow" China from Mission Era Discovered!

*****UPDATE 12/5/2017: OPEN HOUSE AT HEARST CASTLE! We got the opportunity to attend the annual holiday Open House at Hearst Castle at the invitation of our son James. We were able to casually stroll around the ground floor of the main "Castle" building, which includes the main kitchen and the grand dining room. Both of these areas provided the opportunity to photograph Phoebe Hearst's Blue Willow "China". After writing this article, I was extremely excited to view these china patterns for myself. The 2 photos are below - enjoy.  
Figure A: Hearst Castle Kitchen display of their Blue Willow China. It can't be seen in the photo, but there is a glass pane separating us "tourists" from the China, so we can't touch it or get an "up close" photo of it. 
Figure B: I was able to get a bit closer to the Blue Willow setting in the enormous dining hall. I was still 6 or 8 feet away from it, and could only get this marginal photo with bad lighting. Likely that this particular Blue Willow China from "Gilman Collamore" of New York was made in the 1920's. Note that this version of Blue Willow is both scalloped and gold-trimmed!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

WORLD: The Russians are Laughing Their Asses Off!

INTRODUCTION: This is not a reflection on any particular political persuasion in American  - not D's or R's - not L's or C's. Its just a statement of fact. What's going on between Russia and America is like what often happens in the world of sports: when a less-talented team takes it to the more highly skilled team, by using clever tactics and psych-outs. 
Photo (above): yep, this silly Russian prop is in the Kremlin. The Russians are probably laughing like this statue is right now while swilling down a bottle of Vodka!

BACKGROUND: Russia is a weak country that is in decline: their population is decreasing, and their economy is growing ever more dependent on fossil fuels (and we know which way that is heading). Their currency is in continual turmoil, and their people are regressing towards 3rd world living standards. All they have is a popular dictator, a large army and a bunch of nukes. 

EFFECTIVELY STIRRING THE POT: The Russians got what they wanted when they "stirred the pot" during the election in America — and then some. We are so off of our "game" that we're not even on the field - heck, we're haven't even arrived at the ballpark! Instead of taking care of the business of running the country, our political parties are in full war footing — against each other! Am I the only one that sees this that Russia is making us the laughing stocks of the world?

For liberal/conservative sake, lets just say that both political parties are losing in this arena. Therefore, America is losing this internal battle. They must be laughing their *sses off in Moscow. As far as I can tell, there is no concrete evidence of malfeasance on the part of Americans during the election - only the Russians (if I'm wrong, please point out the facts to me). 

The Ruskies had to do very little to create this mess! There are now 5 separate investigations into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians - no doubt involving 100's or 1,000's of government employees (who is doing their jobs while they are "investigating"?), while it is costing "we the people" 100's of millions of dollars, and distracting our elected officials from doing the job they are supposed to be doing of running our country.
Above: Yep - Red Square and the Kremlin.

Well, I hope somebody is happy about this (besides the Russians), because I'm not. We in the private sector don't have any choice but to get up each day and do our jobs and run our businesses. If we didn't, there'd be no business left to run. But the politicians? Right now, it seems they've never met a camera or a TV crew that they didn't want to jump in front of and start accusing the other side of the most extreme things that they can dream up in their vivid imaginations. Politicians were screaming to impeach Trump even before he took the oath of office! Facts don't seem to play a significant role in any way that I can tell.

Enjoy my photos of Moscow from a trip a few years back. No, I'm not part of the conspiracy, but I wouldn't be surprised if some government A.I. bot (Artificial Intelligence Robot) picked up on these photos of the Kremlin and put me on their private "watch list".
Above: Yep - the Kremlin, again. On display - world's largest cannonball!